Price benefit

If you enter the CAG men’s world, your price will always be by at least 20 % lower than in the SIE men’s world, while maintaining a comparable quality. However, the price difference is mostly much greater.

Active approach

In the CAG men’s world, you wait for nothing.
  • We have most electric motors in stock in the Czech Republic and dispatch them within 48 hours. Our stock reaches the value of EUR 1 million.
  • For large machines such as HV converters and motors, the delivery time is within 90 days.
  • We handle your complaints online.
  • We will assign you your personal technician, who is ready to address your requests online.
Have you found the same approach in the SIE or Chinese men’s world?

Quality guarantee

  • We are not resellers. We design and test all products ourselves. Thanks to that, we know exactly what we deliver to you. We can guarantee the parameters, functionality and service life we present.
  • Our every product is created in a single manufacturing plant for many years.  Thanks to that, we have been able to establish a stable production team that exactly knows our customers’ requirements.
  • In the case of small motors, manufacture has been fully automated. This allows the minimizing of the error rate caused by the human factor.
  • All products undergo a single-part test before dispatch. Including the largest ones, achieving the output of thousands of kilowatts. It is thus virtually impossible for any product to pass the output check with a manufacturing defect.
  • And to leave nothing to chance, we are building a broad network of servicing centers around the world. Today, you can find our servicing centers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kenya, Algiers and China.

Can you get the same guarantees in the Chinese men’s world or the same guarantees for a comparable price in the SIE men’s world?